Enjoy our social media #unselfiechallenge and win a featured spot on our social media as "Fan of the Week." This will give you an extra boost as you are tagged in the post as well as shared to you so you can post it to your social media, recognizing your giving spirit.

Become a
Social Media Ambassador

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassadors' fundraising harnesses the Internet’s power as a social influencer to drive donations for an annual event through one or more social media networks. Ambassadors with a modest to large following can drive action and awareness around a campaign. Ambassadors drive action.

An ambassador is an organization's most loyal supporter to fundraise for a specific event to attract sponsorships, registrations, and donations.

As an Ambassador you will simply make a post or share our post asking folks to support and/or donate to our organization. Or it can be as simple as creating a fundraiser on social media for our organization.


• Be yourself, be honest and passionate
• Respect the YAMM logo, images, and copyrights
• Be respectful of other cultures, religions, values, etc.
• Use common sense and courtesy

However, if you’d like to give back by being an Ambassador, let us know! How does becoming an Ambassador benefit you? As an Ambassador your social media boost will be increased as your followers see what you support.

As an influencer, you will receive more new followers as your audience share your post.

• Shows off what you already care about
• Empowers others who care about the same cause to get involved
• You determine how you want to share
• Easy way to get involved
• You get acknowledgment as an Ambassador on our social media networks
• Be recognized as our “Social Media Fan of the Week” on whichever social media platform(s)

   you use
• YAMM will always place a like on your post to show your connection with us

Being an Ambassador you will enjoy and experience:
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