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Enjoy our social media #unselfiechallenge and win a featured spot on our social media as "Fan of the Week" for every week you have led of the top ambassador with the most attraction to your repost of our posts. This will give you an extra boost as you are tagged in the post as well as shared with you so you can post it to your social media, recognizing your giving spirit.

At the end of the social media #unselfiechallege, the ambassador with the most influence shared will receive the "Ambassador of the Year" award, posted on our YAMM website for a year.

Become a
Social Media Ambassador

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors' harnesses the Internet’s power as a social influencer to drive donations for an annual event through one or more social media networks. Ambassadors with a modest to large following driving action and awareness around a campaign. Ambassadors drive action.

Ambassadors are an organization's most loyal supporters to fundraise for a specific event to attract sponsorships, registrations, and donations.

As an Ambassador you will simply make a post or share our post asking your followers to support and/or donate to our organization as well as share your post. Or it can be as simple as creating a fundraiser on social media for our organization.


Drive Action


Get Increased Followers


See What Ambassadors Support and Support It Too!

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