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Zanell G. Brooks
Community of Champions

In honor and memory of Zanelle Brooks who dedicated her time and service as a foster parent in Winston-Salem, NC we recognize that delinquency not only takes a toll on physical and mental health it also impacts the economy and workforce.

Employees who struggle with their child's delinquency are more likely than their co-workers to take time off and are distracted during work. Corporate and business leaders can help us by investing in their community and their own employees by joining our Community of Champions corporate giving program. Corporations and businesses become a member of the Community of Champions with an annual gift of $100-$2,000.

We recognize your donation by your business name on our partner wall; inclusion in the YAMM annual report; recognition in our annual gala; and a certificate of appreciation to proudly display to your customers, clients, and employees.

Community of Champions Form
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