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Earning Rewards for Doing Good: Redeeming Microsoft Bing Rewards Points with YAMM

Support YAMM through
Give with Microsoft Bing Rewards

Investing your Microsoft Bing Rewards Points is a great way to give back to your community. Your points can be used to support a variety of charitable causes, including education, health, poverty, and environmental conservation. All you have to do is link your account to a charity of your choice, and your points will be invested automatically.


Investing through Bing Rewards Point is a fast, easy way to make a difference! Plus, you'll still be able to redeem your points for rewards like gift cards and discounts. So, give your Microsoft Bing Rewards Points a purpose and invest today.


Now you can support YAMM just by searching the web.


Join Give with Bing and earn points from Microsoft Rewards Points that turn into real cash investments for YAMM!

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