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Join Us: Heartthrob Affair Event Sponsorship

Heartthrob Affair flyer

Sponsorship of our heartthrob affair event provides an excellent opportunity to create awareness of your company or organization.


We are looking for sponsors who can contribute to making this event a success. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged on our event materials and website, and you'll also receive complimentary tickets to the event.


We are open to discussing a tailored sponsorship package to meet your specific needs. Please get in touch with us to discuss how you can become a sponsor of this exciting event.

The Heartthrob Affair is an annual celebration of marriage and family and its importance in the African American community. The event aims to foster healthier relationships among married parents so more African-American children grow up with the benefits of a two-parent family.


This event is important for the African American community because of the benefits for African American marriages to help strengthen families and communities to provide a stable environment for children to grow up in and helps to reduce poverty. Also, youth education. Youth education is important because it helps to prepare young people for the future, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life and helping to reduce poverty.


This event is the initiative of ParentMe, a YAMM parenting encouragement program designed to educate and encourage parents with parental education as well as encourage attendance and participation in the WSFCS board meetings concerning policy changes for their students.

YAMM- Youth Achieving Moral Maturity is proud to offer the Heartthrob Affair Sponsorship, which brings together a unique audience of over 50 African American/Black married couples from Winston-Salem North Carolina.


Through the Heartthrob mentoring event, couples receive guidance on family unity and work to strengthen their marriage. Your sponsorship dollars help provide enhancement to the overall attendee experience at Heartthrob Affair with recognition of businesses and vendors.


We invite your company to join us in helping to promote unity and success for our community’s families.

Thank you for wanting to become a sponsor!

Heartthrob Affair Sponsorship
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