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Nonprofit offering youth programs and community service opportunities in
Winston-Salem, NC

We help underserved youth create and maintain self-sufficiency.


Through education and human services, we can help close the gap in advancement for youth by addressing building resiliency for poverty, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and combating hunger.

We vision underserved youth as financially secure through built assets.


​How We Help

Youth organizations and youth programs are the future of our community. In our community, many residents, corporations, and small businesses have embraced their passion for youth and community engagement efforts and made it their goal to spread the joy of youth education and increased community engagement among the next generation and upcoming future leaders.


Volunteering our time and resources has allowed us to provide youth, families, and the community with the resources and services they need to become self-sufficient.


Our dedicated staff and volunteers are from Winston-Salem, NC Forsyth County, and Guilford County, NC as well as nationwide remote. We are all experienced in working with underrepresented youth in the Winston-Salem NC Forsyth County area. As it is our pleasure to get them ready as our next generation of social and entrepreneurial leaders.

Award winner

Winner of 2019 Community Service Award in Winston-Salem, NC.

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​Our Latest project

In the efforts of increasing quality education for our youth, our program "Project EOG" provides tutoring to youth who in the past had not achieved a passing score on the NC EOG to increase their scores on the NC EOG in Math, English, and reading. 

According to the NC Policy Watch, the NC EOG scores can make or break a student's future path. Our organization's goal is to guide students to make the path successful.

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Youth Programs

We encourage and guide at-risk youth and young adults as a community-based alternative through empowerment, enrichment, and academic tutoring that results in self-moral maturity and resiliency.

We place a positive focus on entrepreneurship enabling youth and young adults to achieve moral maturity. Further results in better decision-making regarding education, finances, career options, ceasing the entertainment of criminal activities, community engagement, and leadership, which lead to better lifestyles.

Building Resilience


There's nothing worse than trying to figure out how to get on your feet when you have fallen short. These days in the time of COVID-19, many families are doing just that...Trying to figure out how to get through. At YAMM, we assist in seeing families through their hard times and show them how to get through overcoming and building resilience.


We place a positive focus on balancing back from unfortunate circumstances. Our entrepreneurship program PreneurMe enables youth and young adults to achieve self-sufficiency. Those who attend our programs make better decisions regarding education, finances, career options, ceasing the entertainment of criminal activities, community engagement, and leadership, which lead to better lifestyles and self-sufficiency.


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