Model ART

Childs Problem Resolution - Model Art Program

Model ART is a child's problem gender-based curriculum that encourages self-control exercises to influence managing anger- anger management, behavior problems, self-control, and conflict solving resolutions. Many parents struggle with how to prevent antisocial behavior in their own children or other kids they know. Do you know of any youth who are in need of a program that targets antisocial behavior problems (ASB)? If your child is exhibiting anti social behaviour, you are not alone. If you need a program for your childs problem that will target anti social behavior problems, consider our Model ART program.

Overall targeting aggressive behavior in youth ages 12-17. Model ART (Aggression Training Placement) managing anger objectives include:

To help youth avoid antisocial behavior, provide examples of self control, and teach youth a broad curriculum of prosocial behavior

Anger Control- Managing Anger
To teach youth how to have self control of anger with managing anger

Moral Reasoning​
To raise youth's level of fairness, justice, and concern with the needs and rights of others

Youth will experience

  • A decrease in problem behaviors Improved prosocial behavior

  • Improved Managing Anger Control

  • Increase in In-Community Functioning

  • Reduction in criminal behavior and reoffending

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