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Connecting our Community Through Achieving Moral Maturity - YAMM PowerConnect Community Grill Fundraiser!

Be a part of YAMM's PowerConnect community grill fundraiser and help empower youth to reach their highest moral potential!

YAMM is committed to providing youth of all ages and their community with the opportunity to experience positive growth and development through physical, emotional, and educational activities.


Our PowerConnect Community Day Grill Fundraiser is a great way to support this mission, and we need your help.


Your donations will help us purchase a portable grill for our community day events and serve up to 1,875 people in the local community.


Join us in our mission to help underserved communities and donate today!

black towable grill on trailer

This is the actual grill

Goal: $9000

Celebrating What a PowerConnect Community Day with YAMM + Residents is All About

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