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Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Shaping The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

So your kid has what it takes to be a business owner? We do, too.

Our youth entrepreneurship program is available to youth in the Winston-Salem, NC area.

That's why we created PreneurMe, a youth entrepreneurship program with youth activities and youth group activities offering free online business courses for kids aged 12-16.

PreneurMe's youth entrepreneurship program is free business classes and classes to encourage students:

  • how to generate business ideas

  • identify customers

  • and determine their competitive advantage.


Plus, youth group activities include an introduction to becoming a business owner to own a business and exploring topics that are critical to building and maintaining financial resiliency.

The best part for you? This free training offers entrepreneurship classes for teens teaching youth one of the most popular topics of all: how to start your own business.

The best part for your child? This program is also 100% fun. It's hands-on, interactive, and engaging for all students. And when students complete the course, they're better prepared for youth entrepreneurship including youth group activities to start their own business in Winston-Salem, NC. 

Ready to get started? Enroll now!

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  • PreneurMe Phase I is a 7-week series of workshops held for youth ages 12-16 to get the guidance they need to start and run a business before moving into Phase II.

In the workshops youth activities and youth group activities will learn:


  • Introduction to Becoming a Business Owner


  • What is My Business


  • Who's My Customer


  • What is My Advantage


  • Short-term and long-term financial and personal needs


  • How to manage and save for essential needs by exploring topics that are critical to building and maintaining financial resiliency​


  • How to purchase supplies/materials to sell


  • How to keep count of their books for bookkeeping

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