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Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Unleashing the Potential of the YAMM Youth: Shaping the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

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PreneurMe offers a variety of youth activities and youth group activities to help empower young people to become successful entrepreneurs securing their financial future.


Our courses are designed for youth aged 12-16 to secure a financial future by covering topics such as needs and wants, budgeting, goal-setting, marketing, real estate, homeownership, financial skills, and investing. We strive to provide our youth with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in business and to make a real impact in their life ensuring they know about finances early in life to stop the future burdens of vulnerabilities of economic distress.

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YAMM provides youth with educational opportunities through our workshops to learn the root causes of future financial failures and how to fix them early before they become adults. Our goal is ensuring youth get a head start on learning early in their younger years about financial management and business decisions, to give them a better chance to achieve financial security and moral maturity, which lessens their financial vulnerability when they get older.

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