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Empowering Youth and Families For A Better Future

Youth Achieving Moral Maturity (YAMM) is a dynamic youth development organization based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Established in 2016, YAMM is dedicated to uplifting vulnerable young people in our community, aged 10 to 24. Our mission centers on providing economic opportunities and enhancing the quality of life for these youth through impactful programs.


Our Top 5 Funding Partners

We owe our success to the invaluable support of esteemed partners:

1. Google

2. 4Imprint

3. Microsoft

4. Walmart

5. Pull-a-Part Auto Parts



Addressing Challenges

YAMM acknowledges the plight of youth facing poverty vulnerability, which affects their overall quality of life. Our programs offer practical solutions by:

  • Equipping youth with essential life skills and confidence through initiatives like Bella Diamondz.

  • Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit with PreneurMe, encouraging innovation and self-sufficiency.

  • Nurturing leadership and volunteerism with I Lead, inspiring positive change among young adults.


Measuring Success

We are committed to tracking and celebrating the impact we make:

  • Monitoring program completions and documenting success stories.

  • Evaluating improved life skills, confidence, and personal growth among participants.

  • Witnessing the birth of businesses nurtured by our programs.

  • Observing increased engagement in leadership and volunteering.


Beneficiary Range

YAMM's diverse programs cater to youth ages 10 to 24, from essential life skills for kids to support for young adults navigating early careers and college.


At YAMM, our passion lies in empowering young people to overcome challenges, fostering growth, and paving the way for a successful future in Winston-Salem and beyond.

YAMM staff and volunteers at community day food giveaway

In establishing YAMM, the first people thought about was the parents. We cannot accomplish our mission without the assistance of parents. Parents work and are not able to get their youth where they need to be for programs. There are a lot of tardies and absences due to parents not being able to get off work to get youth to a program's destination. Therefore, we made it our mission to make sure youth do not have to be transported by parent way.

We operate as a mobile youth program, delivering our programs community-wide to illuminate transportation issues before they start. We made it possible for parents and youth to stay safe in their neighborhoods and get the help they need from our programs.



What we believe in



We stick to our truths and commitments, providing everyone with open communication and honesty.



Every investment and decision we make has our participants, volunteers, and supporters at the center. Our thoughts go into the needs of everyone involved.



We believe every decision and every work has to be fulfilled with teamwork. No one person can reach greater heights doing everything by themself.



Having a code of morality is the best place to instill the self maturity one needs to handle obstacles of life. We encourage self-discipline that leads to successful lives.

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Sustainability Goals

What may seem impossible is, possible.

We mentor young men and ladies ages 12-17 through active learning behavior mentor programs designed for:

Quality Education

  • Develop Employment Skills

  • Increase Literacy


No Poverty

  • To Reduce Youth Living in Poverty​

Zero Hunger

  • Improve Access To Nutritious Food


Decent Work & Economic Growth

  • Reduce Unemployed and Uneducated Youth

  • Advance Youth Employment

Responsible Consumption & Production

  • To Improve Youth Education

Gender Equality

  • Promote Female Leadership

By focusing on these areas, we can guide young men and ladies in understanding what moral standards are and how to utilize them properly. We also encourage and promote healthier living through lifestyle recognition of the pros and cons and how to adjust them to positive actions.

Meet Our

Kamm is the founder and president of YAMM. She is dedicated to helping and guiding people she meets. Her passion is to help underserved individuals succeed through education and development, becoming successful in their careers and leaders in their communities.


Kamm has been mentoring since she was 15 years old. She earned her B.S. degree in Criminal Justice with honors. She is really effective in working with children. Kamm saw that even though society didn't have high hopes for detained and at-risk youth, she believed they could become law-abiding citizens with the right support. This led her to start Youth Achieving Moral Maturity (YAMM).


Kamm thinks that more than half of the young people she meets are in danger of not doing well in life, but she believes there's still time to help them. She also believes that even challenging situations can be turned around for the better. She lives by the saying "Making what seems impossible, possible." Kamm's plan is to help young people grow into responsible adults and in the future, she wants to create a place where survivors of childhood sexual abuse can heal.


Feel free to reach out to YAMM at

for more information or if you'd like to support their efforts.

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