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Bloccs- Coming Soon

Bloccs is a specialized masonry program designed to empower young people aged 16-17 with practical skills and knowledge in brick masonry construction. By providing hands-on experience in the trade, Bloccs aims to foster a passion for the craft and encourage youth to consider future careers in the masonry field.

Bowling Initiative

The Bowling Initiative is a recreational program that aims to provide a fun and engaging environment for young people aged 12-17. By organizing regular bowling outings and tournaments, the initiative promotes physical activity, social interaction, and sportsmanship among youth, helping to develop well-rounded individuals with a sense of community.

Camping Initiative

The Camping Program Initiative is an outdoor adventure program that provides youth people aged 12-17 with opportunities to explore nature, develop outdoor survival skills, and foster teamwork through camping trips and wilderness expeditions. By offering immersive experiences in the great outdoors, the Camping Program aims to instill a sense of environmental stewardship and self-reliance in participants, while also promoting physical activity and healthy living.

SignSquad- Coming Soon

SignSquad is an innovative program dedicated to fostering communication and career exploration among hearing and deaf youth. By teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to hearing youth aged 12-17, SignLincs encourages greater inclusivity and understanding between hearing and deaf communities, while also providing exposure to career opportunities in the ASL field.

Table Air Hockey Initiative

The Table Air Hockey Initiative is a recreational program that introduces young people aged 12-17 to the exciting game of table air hockey. By providing opportunities to play and compete in a friendly and supportive environment, the initiative promotes teamwork, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking skills, while also fostering a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among youth with tournament participation.

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