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AirWarriors is an inclusive Table Air Hockey program for teenagers aged 12-16, offering a non-competitive, supportive environment where participants can learn Table Air Hockey skills, build confidence, and make friends. With weekly sessions, professional coaching, and a focus on personal growth,  AirWarriors provides an engaging and enjoyable experience for all. Join us for fun, friendship, and personal development at the lanes!

​​Program Elements:
1. Skill-Building Sessions
2. Educational Discussions
3. Social Connection

4. Fun and Fitness

Program Goals:
1. Empowerment
2. Community Engagement
3. Inclusivity
4. Skill Development
5. Sportsmanship and Ethics
6. Personal Growth
7. Long-Term Success

The AirWarriors program at YAMM Recreation Center offers a dynamic and engaging experience for youth, promoting personal development, community engagement, and a love for table air hockey. With a focus on teamwork, leadership, and inclusivity, AirWarriors empowers youth to become confident, resilient, and socially responsible individuals. Join us for a fun and meaningful journey of growth and discovery!

kids playing air hockey
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