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I Lead
A Service Community
Youth Leadership Program

I Lead YAMM offers youth leaders the opportunity to further their development and understanding of leadership skills through workshops and service learning volunteer work. By leveraging the power of positive youth development, YAMM provides a platform for young adults to hone their leadership skills and give back to their communities.  Providing leadership skills opportunities and public projects for youth (ages 12-17, youth adults (ages 18 - 24), and recent graduates. 


Youth Leadership Skills Workshop

Youth and young adults learn:

  • What leadership skills are and why leadership skills matter

  • What are leadership qualities

  • How to identify their passions and values to contribute to leadership

  • An increase in confidence

  • An increase in taking responsibility

  • An increase in competence

  • An increase in contribution

There are many types of structured volunteering projects one could take part in during the year that can range from learning youth leadership techniques to arts programs, helping homeless youth or families have access to affordable housing options and feeding the homeless, or encouraging the community to stay up-to-date with health and wellness. Parents are encouraged to attend all final projects in support of their youth and/or young adult.

volunteer bagging and tying food
high school teen talking outside

Sample Youth-Led
Service Learning Projects
Youth Leadership Projects

Back-To-School campaigns

Cultural Arts Festival

Fashion Show

Support & work with local City or State Representative candidates on their upcoming campaigns

Fundraising Projects

Youth Homelessness Campaigns

Ethnic Awareness Campaigns


Volunteer Work for Teens


Escort young children on Field Trips

Peer tutoring and more



Free to all ages 12-24 Middle, High School & College students searching for community service learning near me opportunities are encouraged to register!

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