I Lead
Service Learning
Youth Program

Service-learning is a powerful way to give back and make an impact in our communities. It provides opportunities for students, youth adults (ages 18 - 24), recent graduates, or those without any work experience whatsoever who want the chance at holistic development by combining their education with community service activities while they learn about how different issues affect us all as well develop skills that can be applied no matter what path life takes them on after college graduation. There are many types of structured volunteering projects one could take part in during this time period which can range from teaching children leadership techniques through arts programs, helping homeless individuals have access to affordable housing options or encouraging the community to stay up-to-date with healthcare.

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What is service learning?

Service learning is learning that actively involves students and young adults in a wide range of experiences, which often benefit others in the community, while also advancing the goals of a given subject or community concern. All service learning activities are community-based service learning activities that are paired with structured preparation and student and young adult reflection.

Are you in search of volunteer opportunities near me? I Lead is an afterschool program designed to involve youth and young adults in community service learning projects that are created and led by youth, ages 10-17, and young adults, ages 18-24, throughout the Winston-Salem Community. Young men and ladies searching for volunteer opportunities near me will be involved in numerous community service learning projects that they will collectively create as a group and implement around the Winston-Salem area. Projects will consist of volunteer work in the community. Parents are encouraged to attend all final projects in support of their youth and/or young adult.

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Sample Youth-Led
Service Learning Projects

Back-To-School campaigns

Cultural Arts Festival

Fashion Show

Support & work with local City or State Representative candidates on their upcoming campaigns

Fundraising projects

Homelessness campaigns

Ethnic Awareness campaigns

Peer tutoring, etc. 



Free to all ages 10-24 Middle, High School & College students searching for community service learning near me opportunities are encouraged to register!