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Bella Diamondz
Etiquette Program

Graduates with degrees in their hand
young girls smiling outside at community feeding event

Bella Diamondz Etiquette Program is a Mentor Program that guides girls, youths aged 12-16, to get the guidance they need in their girl-to-young lady transition as they represent the young men of YAMM in public appearances providing social skills for teens.​​

​​Bella Diamondz etiquette mentor program objectives include:​​

• Plan and shop for healthy foods
•Preparing a meal
• Social and Self Management Skills
• Develop and maintain healthy friendships and family relationships
• Etiquette skills and appropriate behaviors for young girls
• Time management
• Financial management
• Goal setting
• Career exploration
• Laundry skills
• Personal hygiene/grooming
• Personal safety/basic first aid
• Exercise and physical fitness
• Leadership Skills

  • Social Skills

• Volunteer and support the community
• Comply with local laws

• Register to vote

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