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Double Your Impact: YAMM Employee Gift Matching Program

Unlock the power of your paycheck to transform lives! Join our Employee Gift Matching Program and double your impact in our community. Your Investment fuels economic success for youth, breaking barriers to a better future to lead. Together, let's uplift our community's youth and families towards a prosperous tomorrow.


By investing through your employer, you can make a meaningful difference while feeling good about investing in a cause you believe in and getting tax benefits. Invest Now!

How It Works

How to Use Your Employer's Employee Gift Matching Programs
To Invest In YAMM Youth

It's easy to invest through your employer as you can have your valuable investment taken out of your paycheck as a payroll deduction.

  1. Determine how much you can afford to give

  2. Find out what percentage you give will actually go to the organization as some of your investments may go toward administration processing expenses

  3. Invest Now

  4. Review your employer's matching amount

  5. During the year, find out how your investments were put to use by YAMM

If you have any questions about Employee Gift Matching Programs,

please contact our Donor Relations Coordinator at

For a list of companies with Employee Gift Matching programs,

please click here to view a list of companies that provide an Employee Gift Matching Program or

click here to type in your employer name.

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