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Employee Gift Matching

Top corporate companies and small businesses allow their employees to give to charity organizations around the globe. Therefore, you can give through your employer through their Employee Gift Matching Program. 


There are many companies that encourage giving to charities through the creation of workplace giving campaigns at least once a year. When employees donate, the company matches each donation from its' employees and sends the funds to the organization you choose to donate to.

Employee Gift Matching is a wonderful opportunity that allows employees to donate donation from their paycheck with the employer's added contribution. You can select us as the organization of your choice instead of choosing from a list provided by your employee for your employee gift matching to designate funds to come to us.

Benefits of Donating Through Your Employer

  1. Offers the convenience of automatic payroll deductions
  2. Employers normally match your contributions
  3. Your donation is tax-deductible if you itemize
  4. Increases employee participation
  5. Enhances your company brand
  6. Reward from the company for volunteering
How It Works

1.  Find out if your company has an Employee Gift Matching

     program, check with your Human Resources  


2.  Make your donation to YAMM by clicking here or

     clicking on the donate button above or below. Make

     sure you save your receipt!

3.  Fill out paperwork from your Human Resources

     Department with all requested documents or items

     from your HR Department and provide your receipt for

     your donation made to us

4.  We will receive applications from your company to

      confirm your employee donation. If we do not receive

      an application from your employer, you can simply

      submit your receipt to your Human Resources

      Department to receive credit for your donation

5.   Your gift is then matched and increased by your


6.   You can give whenever you want through your

      paycheck and we thank you in advance for your

      support of our mission!

How to Use Your Employer's Employee Gift Matching Programs

It's easy to donate through your employer as you can have your valuable donation taken out of your paycheck as a payroll deduction.

  1. Choose a charity that aligns with your values to support

  2. Determine how much you can afford to give

  3. Find out what percentage you give will actually go to the organization as some of your donations may go toward administration processing expenses

  4. Review your employer's matching amount

  5. At the end of the year, find out how your donations were put to use by organizations you donated to

If you have any questions about Employee Gift Matching Programs, please contact our Donor Relations Coordinator at donate@kgyamm.or or by calling 336-705-6322

For a list of companies with Employee Gift Matching programs,

please click here to view a list or

click here to type in your employer name.

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