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Welcome to Nature's Family!

Families reconnecting with Nature, Nurture Family Bonds

At Nature's Family, we believe that nature provides the perfect place for families to bond, learn, and grow together. Our family camping retreat, protected in the peaceful surroundings of Oak Hollow Campground in High Point, NC, offers an exciting outdoor experience designed to refresh the mind, body, and spirit.

About the Retreat
Enjoy the Outdoors with Family

We recognize the need for families to strengthen their bonds and relationships amidst busy schedules and distractions. YAMM wants to create opportunities for families to connect, communicate, and build lasting memories through shared outdoor experiences.


Acknowledging the importance of mental health and well-being, YAMM seeks to provide an understanding and encouraging surrounding where families can relax, recharge, and prioritize their mental wellness through outdoor activities and therapeutic experiences.


Understanding the healing benefits of nature, especially for those living in underserved areas, YAMM wishes to provide families with opportunities to engage themselves in nature, appreciate its beauty, and experience the healing power of the natural world.

Beyond meeting basic needs, YAMM wants to improve the overall quality of life for families by offering enriching experiences through outdoor camping. By prioritizing holistic well-being, including social connections and personal growth, YAMM aims to enhance families' overall happiness and satisfaction with life.

Recognizing the importance of developing interactive skills within families, YAMM wants to provide opportunities for families to practice and strengthen these skills through shared activities and experiences.

Overall, YAMM's "Nature's Family" program aims to create a supportive environment where families can come together, connect with nature, and prioritize their mental health and well-being. Through intentional programming, YAMM seeks to empower families to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Family in Tent


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YAMM's: Nature's Family

Camping Retreat
Connecting Families to Nature Improving Mental Health
June 20-24, 2024

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