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Youth Achieving Moral Maturity (YAMM)

Empowering young people to reach their full potential with YAMM! Join us in Winston-Salem, NC for youth programs and community service opportunities that focus on developing moral maturity. Unleash your inner leader and make a difference in your community!


our mission is to help vulnerable youth by creating effective advancing economic opportunity solutions that help them become self-sufficient.
We vision underserved youth free of poverty where no youth feels vulnerable.
Give now, sign your youth up for a youth program or volunteer with us below.

YAMM is an organization dedicated to helping the youth and young adults of today reach their full potential. Our programs are designed to provide an environment of support and growth while teaching the importance of good moral values.


Through our focus priorities of education, poverty, human services, and hunger, we strive to empower our youth and young adults to become self-sufficient and successful in all aspects of life.

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Investing in the Successful Futures of our Youth: YAMM's We Support Youth Program

Empowering Youth Through Opportunities and Support


We help empower youth by providing them with opportunities and support to achieve their goals. We offer various programs to promote leadership and personal growth through mentorship, career exploration, and educational development. Our programs also focus on building social skills, developing a positive self-image, and understanding of the greater community.

We are committed to providing youth with the resources and support they need to realize their potential, learn life skills, and become successful members of society. Our goal is to ensure that all youth have access to the tools and guidance needed to reach their highest potential.

Award winner

Winner of the 2019 Community Service Award in Winston-Salem, NC.

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Empowering Youth to Overcome Challenges, Build Resilience & Reach Moral Maturity!

There's nothing worse than trying to figure out how to get on your feet when you have fallen short. These days in the time of COVID-19, many families are doing just that...Trying to figure out how to get through.


At YAMM, we assist in seeing families through their hard times and show them how to get through hard times "Overcoming-Resilience" and figuring out how to get through it.ace a positive focus on balancing back from unfortunate circumstances. Our entrepreneurship program PreneurMe enables youth and young adults to achieve self-sufficiency. Those who attend our youth program PreneurMe learn how to make their own money without depending on anyone.

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