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Manage Teen Screen Time

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5 Tips to Help Manage Teen Screen Time

Hey parents! It's not always easy for teens to manage how much time they spend on screens, especially with all the cool stuff like social media and video games. Here are five simple ways to help your teen find a healthy balance with their screen time.

1. Be Curious About How Your Teen Feels About Technology

Teens use screens for lots of reasons, from watching fun videos to chatting with friends. Start by asking your teen how they feel about their screen time. What do they like? What don’t they like? Talking about their feelings and experiences can help you both understand their screen habits better. This way, you can work together to set limits that make screen time more enjoyable and healthy.

2. Don’t Let Screen Time Replace Other Activities

Instead of saying no to screen time, encourage other fun activities! Make sure your teen is spending time on schoolwork, hanging out with friends in person, helping out at home, and being active. Teens who do a variety of activities usually have a better balance with screens.

3. Model Healthy Screen Use

Your teen watches what you do, so show them how to use screens in a healthy way. For example, you can say, “I don’t keep my phone in my room overnight because it can mess up my sleep, which is important for my health. Let’s both follow this rule to take care of ourselves.” When you follow the same rules, it makes it easier for your teen to do the same.

4. Set Clear Rules and Limits

Create rules for screen time that everyone understands. You can decide on limits together, like no screens during meals or setting a specific time to turn off devices at night. Clear rules help your teen know what to expect and make it easier to manage their screen time.

5. Encourage Outdoor and Offline Activities

Plan fun activities that don’t involve screens. Go for a family walk, play a sport, or do a craft project together. These activities help your teen take a break from screens and enjoy other ways of having fun and staying active.

Helping your teen manage screen time can be a challenge, but with these tips, you can guide them toward healthier habits. Here’s to you, your teenager, and finding the perfect screen time balance!

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