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Giving Season

Welcome to YAMM + Giving Season 2022! 

This year, to celebrate the holiday season, YAMM is participating in the 2022 Giving Season, the global "Giving Back" movement is dedicated to unleashing generosity in humanity and transforming communities around the world during the Holiday season.

Are your values the same as ours? Did you know one-third of giving was given from Giving Tuesday, November 29 to December 31 of every year?

Please enjoy the short slide and videos below to get an overview of the event and our values. To learn more about YAMM, click  

Event Timeline


October 1, 2022

Take a tour around our site and get to know us before Giving Tuesday! Let us show you our values and goals. You will find your mission is our mission. Make sure you check out our social media networks. We have several events and contests to make sure you enjoy the reason why you are giving. Supporting youth and children is what our Giving Tuesday is all about.

November 1, 2022

Through donation matches, companies and organizations can register now or contact us to form a partnership with us to match donations we receive from our donors from

November 1-December 31, 2021, companies like giving too!

November 1, 2022

This giving season, you can donate by becoming a Brand Ambassador for YAMM on your social media for Giving Tuesday.  We post Giving Tuesday on social media, you repost as a brand ambassador and tag us and we do the same, or you can create an Ambassador social media fundraiser for us. Enter the contest for the best Brand Ambassador for YAMM!

November 29, 2022

The giving season is here! Celebrate Giving Tuesday by helping others in the best ways you know! It doesn't matter what you can do, you can do what you want. There are many ways to give your support. Look around our website to find out ways you can contribute during this Giving Tuesday season.

Examples include:
+ Making a donation
+ Creating a fundraiser in our name
+ Partnering with us
+ Volunteering with us
+ Making a post and tagging us on your social media posts

If you know other ways to make yourself feel great by supporting and being beneficial to youth on Giving Tuesday, we have until December 31, 2022, to collect donations for this giving season, let us know, or just do it.

October 1, 2022

Do you love putting a smile on children's faces during Christmas? This Christmas holiday you can rejoice and celebrate by helping children who lost parents or a caregiver due to COVID-19. You can now help them and their new caregivers this Christmas through our organization. Help us fill young hearts with joy, we want to make sure our little ones are not left out and to get to as many as we can with your support.

This year, through "Save Pearl" we are inviting you to Give TODAY, shop AmazonSmile, or shop GoodShop for children who lost their parents or caregiver due to COVID-19. Your support will help lessen the burden on new caregivers for these children without parents or former caregivers this Christmas.

Our young ones are pearls, and we want to save them this Christmas by bringing joy to their lives. The campaign will provide Christmas items and help pay expenses for young pearls ages 0-17 in Winston-Salem, NC through your giving. 

Let's Save Pearl!

Children who lost their parents or a caregiver during the pandemic need your help.

This year to remember the holiday season with children in mind, YAMM is giving the gifts that give back to children (Pearl) in our community. We want to give gifts that give back “Save Pearl” this giving season. Save Pearl is the children who lost their parents or a caregiver during the pandemic and need your help to have a great Christmas. Commit to being generous to our children and give gifts that give back today to assist needy families who care for orphaned children or children who lost a primary caregiver during COVID-19 with Christmas items or a donation.


Over 10.5 million children either are orphaned or lost a primary caregiver due to COVID-19, according to a study published. Of the 10.5 million, 7.5 million – were orphaned while 3 million children lost a primary caregiver. This is an urgent issue that needs attention. We are passionate about children in our community and around the world, especially those who have lost parents or caregivers and we must help these children and the families who support and take care of them throughout the year.

Gone unnoticed, the lives taken by COVID-19 have caused a significant increase in health issues, furthermore, new caretakers are facing challenges from not knowing how to help a child deal with trauma, to financial and resources from adding a new member or members to their home.

Understanding the parent's or caregiver's absence has caused a burden on the families who are keeping these children left behind, we want to help decrease some of their worries by giving 200 families a $300 Grocery gift card or a $300 utility bill payment. This gift will help the families as they care for these children left behind. Just imagine, the majority of the parents or caregivers did not have a life insurance policy leaving nothing for the children because they could not afford life insurance before they passed. Now leaving everything to the families who take responsibility for these children left behind.

YAMM wants to make sure the caring families of these children and the children are not lost this year with gifts that give back. We ask you to give gifts that give back to help us to make this Giving Season better than the last two for these families. The children added to these families need food, bill assistance, clothing, Christmas gifts, and mental health assistance.


You choose how you want to donate below with your gifts that give back . Click below to enter our AmazonSmile and choose YAMM as your charity organization to start shopping. Made simple, you choose from a list or choose as you please, pay for it and Amazon will ship it to us so we can distribute items to needy families of children who lost their parents or a caregiver during the pandemic.

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How You Can Save Pearl

Fundraising Progress:

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we invite you—our all-star supporter— to kick it off with us on Giving Season gifts that give back!

Giving Season is a global month of giving back. On the first day of December, people around the world will come together to celebrate generosity and make an impact. This year, we want to raise $5,000 to provide 50 children a christmas season they deserve. With your help, we can make this a reality.

In fact, you're part of a handpicked group of ambassadors whom we're counting on to help us reach our goals. Your support is critical to YAMM's program's success, and we couldn't change youth lives without you. That's why this Giving Season, we're inviting you to help us provide youth with boundless opportunities to learn, and it's as simple as donating on our website, creating your own fundraising page, and reaching out to your network.

It only takes minutes to get started!

Giving Season has began, but your kindness doesn't have to wait! Your generous donations will help us better perform our charity work to the local community. Don't wait to figure out how many days until December 31, donate today!

Click HERE to give gifts that give back.
For other ways to give, click HERE for details.

GivingTuesday Themostat
Fundraising Progress
Volunteer with Us!

To make our ambitious plans become reality this Giving Tuesday, we are constantly looking for volunteers who share our value and are passionate about helping others! If you are interested, please click below to see details about volunteering with us! You can also find more information about our new Brand Ambassador program!

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